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Waterfall Azilal in Morocco

waterfall in Morocco Ouzoud

My trip to the waterfall of Morocco Azilal.

waterfall Azilal The waterfall of Azilal, Morocco, where comfort, nature, purity, complete calm, psychological

comfort, and nature with red colors of the mountains, is characterized by its picturesque location.



About City Ouzoud Morocco.

Azilal a Moroccan city located within the center of the dominion of Morocco between the

junction of the center Atlas Mountains and therefore the High Atlas. It’s the second

administrative city within the direction of Beni Mellal Khenifra, which is found southeast of the

Moroccan capital Rabat, and it’s also the capital of the Azilal region.



The most important cuisine in Azilal Morocco.

Azilal city is characterized by the magic of the picturesque nature and its pleasant food,

especially since there are most,

restaurants directly in front of the waterfall, so you will be enjoying nature with food.

I advise you to try Moroccan tagine which is simple vegetable tagine with chicken or fresh meat

And also Moroccan tea.

waterfall of Morocco Azilal
waterfall Azilal
waterfall of Morocco Azilal
Azilal Morocco
waterfall of Morocco Azilal
waterfall of Morocco Azilal
waterfall Azilal in Morocco.



waterfall Azilal Place of residence in a waterfall Azilal.

I advise you, my friend, to rent a room next to the waterfall, it is really fun, And if you want to

know the room rates, you can contact me on social media to help you with that.

How to start the journey from Beni Mellal.

If you’re online in Casablanca do book a ticket CTM for the transport you to Beni Mellal and you



can spend the night in Beni Mellal to play in the early morning visit Ein Asrdon.

Then, I take a private car to the Azilal waterfall because no bus goes there, as the road is small

and the bus does not accommodate the fact that it is in the midst of mountains.

Now look on the road from Beni Mellal to waterfall Azilal.

I apologize for the way he was filming, as he is filming on the phone.


You will enjoy a lot on the road, also in Beni Mellal, and in the Azilal and Ouzoud waterfall Morocco.



Thank you all, and I wish you a pleasant trip in the waterfall of Ouzoud Morocco.

waterfall Azilal in Morocco.

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Thank you all.