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Tourism is stalled in New Zealand due to the Corona virus

Tourism in New Zealand

New Zealand tourism down due to Corona virus.

Efforts by the Chinese government to contain the corona virus have an unlikely casualty: our tourist visa processing systems,



reports The shutdown of Immigration New Zealand’s Beijing branch has also caused delays for thousands of non-Chinese tourists trying to enter New Zealand.

Rejection of New Zealand tourism requests.

Applications from over 6000 tourists and students, some from countries thousands of kilometers faraway from China, were stranded in

Immigration NZ’s Beijing office after it had been shut down over corona virus fears.

The Chinese government has closed schools and businesses all around China

as a part of its attempts to manage the disease. INZ relocated many of its visitor visa processing functions to Beijing after 2017.



The thinking was that centralizing visitor visa processing during a country where many of the latest Zealand’s visitors came from would allow staff

to specialize in that sort of processing and switch applications around quicker.

The newsroom was contacted by an individual representing tourists who had received an email early in the week informing them that their application was one among 5600

on hold at the Beijing office while a choice was made on whether or not they needed to be transferred out.

The person was surprised because the tourists concerned came from a rustic that didn’t have one confirmed case of corona virus.

Tourism stalled New Zealand due Corona virus.

They also had no plans to transit through China. The tourists were granted a visa on Thursday. Applications transferred to other offices INZ closed its

Visa Application processing center in Beijing in early February.

during a statement, an INZ spokeswoman said the organization had started transferring some visitor and student applications out of Beijing

on January 28 when it became clear it might not be possi


ble to re-open the Beijing office.

The spokeswoman said other applications continued to reach the office and would be transferred out as they did.

Nicola Hogg, head Border, and Visa operations said during a statement on Thursday that 6500 applications filed by non-Chinese tourists and students had

now been transferred out of Beijing and sent to INZ’s other offices including Mumbai and Porirua.

Tourism stalled New Zealand due Corona virus.

Quoted from the site ( newsroom ).

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