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Meat Tagine With Plum Morocco

Did you visit Morocco at the back and eat the Moroccan tagine meat with Plum?

Meat tagine with original Moroccan prunes tagine cooking

Do you want to know how to make Moroccan tagine with ease.

Today came the recipe for meat tagine with delicious Moroccan Plum with ease and in a few minutes.



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Morocco Meat Tagine With Plum

First, you must know at first that the tagine of meat with plums belongs to the city of Chefchaouen in Morocco, the blue jewel. When you visit Chefchaouen, you must taste the meat tagine with plum in this wonderful blue city.

The city of Chefchaouen is characterized by the cooking of meat tagine with prunes from the rest of the cities of Morocco. There has a different and attractive taste. When I searched on this topic, I knew that the city is famous for this special food.

Now follow up with me the way to cook tagine with Moroccan.

  1. A kilo of meat marinated from a past night.
  2. Moroccan spices called Morazzi.
  3. If you do not have it in your country, you can add cinnamon with ground milled.
  4. 1 teaspoon of cinnamon and cardamom.
  5. Turmeric Small tablespoon.
  6. Small teaspoon ginger.
  7. Half a spoon of black pepper.
  8. Half a tablespoon of cinnamon.
  9. According to the aesthetic Kiwi slices.
  10. Dried apricot slices.
  11. Almond and sesame.
  12. Dried prunes.
  13. Salt and two eggs.
  14. Two large grated onions.
  15. saffron.
Follow with me the method of cooking meat tagine.
    • Two crushed garlic cloves, added to meat seasoning.
      First, onions.
      A quarter cup of olive oil.
      Add salt.
      Add the meat.
      After adding the meat with onions and oil, it will be left on low heat.
      The next step is to decorate the tagine.
      Boil eggs.
      Add plum in a bowl over low heat, add cinnamon sticks and water.
      Until cooked.
      As you can see now.


    • Just ten minutes on the fire, then add sugar after ripening.
      As I mentioned with plum, do again with apricot and kiwi slices to extract the sauce from them.
      Now as you see tagine in the first stage.
      Just add some oil.
      If the meat has no fat, add some oil.
      Now leave it on low heat without adding water.
      As for almonds, boil them.
      Add almonds to the water, and when the water is hot, turn the heat off.
      Remove the peel.
      Then it dries out from the water and frying in the oil.
      After preparing all the additions, do just like me, and if you do not like eggs, do not add eggs as you want.


  • Ornamental processing.
    This is the meat tagine of the famous Moroccan popular plum.
  • Health and comfort

Watch now a translated video of how to make meat tagine with plum.

You can click the “Translate” button in YouTube via video to show the translation.

See and enjoy the plum meat tagine.

Meat tagine with Moroccan plum.


thank you all
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