Chefchaouen Blue City Morocco

Chefchaouen Morocco

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Sixth most beautiful city in the world, Chefchaouen Blue City Morocco.

The city of Chefchaouen in the Kingdom of Morocco is one of the most beautiful cities in the world where the picturesque nature and the blue color,of the nerves and complete calm and cool temperature also Morocco is famous for popular food.

but there is a very nice feature in Morocco, which is that every city differs in food.from any other city, because the city of Chefchaouen is known as the tagine of meat, prunes. I advise you to try it.

About the city of Chefchaouen Morocco.

Chefchaouen is a city in the north of Morocco, in the direction of Tangier Tetouan Al Hoceima. The city of Chefchaouen, the capital of the province,

was founded in 1471 by Moulay Ali bin Rashid,to house the Muslims of Andalusia after their expulsion by the Spanish. as it served as a fortress for the Mujahideen against colonialism.You can also learn about the city of Chefchaouen via the following link on Wikipedia.

It has a mountain and an eye for water. On top of this mountain, you can take a very impressive panorama photo.

Blue City Morocco
Blue City Morocco

I will help you to reach Chefchaouen with ease.

If you are in any other city, such as Casablanca, you can enter the CTM reservation site via the following link to book a trip to Chefchaouen, it is a completely safe bus and has a certain speed and is monitored by the company.


Accommodation Chefchaouen.

And if you wanted a place to stay, there is more than one hotel and there are also small apartments at the top of the city, and this is what I always recommend. You can send a message to me through social media to help you.


Traditional dress
Traditional dress
Blue City Morocco
Blue City Morocco

Blue City Morocco



I will leave you with how to make Moroccan food soon in the food section.

Now watch the following videos to enjoy the view of the city of Chefchaouen.

The first video from a channel (WAY AWAY).


The second video from a channel (The second video from the International Documentary Films Channel – HD). It has popular music for the city.

You can also take a look at the topic of the city of Aswan in Egypt through the following link.
Thank you all, you can send a message to me via the Contact Us page or via social media to ask about anything you want from Egypt or Morocco.
Thank you all.


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