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The best Moroccan products are Argan oil

Learn the benefits of Argan oil

The best Moroccan products are Argan oil.

Argan oil tree in Morocco
Argan oil tree in Morocco

One of the most prevalent oils in Morocco is Moroccan Argan oil, as it is considered very beneficial for the skin, body, hair and also for eating, Argan oil is called liquid gold in Morocco, as it treats many diseases and also works for a lot of bad skin.



Moroccan Argan oil
Moroccan Argan oil

Benefits of Moroccan argan oil for hair.

  • Used as a natural conditioner for hair.
  •  works to smooth hair and increase its consistency. Hair gives both density and length.
  •  helps promote hair growth. It works to treat damaged hair. It helps reduce hair loss.



  • protects hair from harmful sun rays or what is called Ultraviolet.
  • works to nourish the scalp, which reflects positively on hair growth and reduces the possibility of exposure to some diseases, such as dermatitis, clogging of hair follicles or so-called hair follicle clogging, and others.
  • It helps to control the frizz and frizz of the hair, as it contains vitamin E and some fatty acids, such as omega-3 and omega-9, which helps to make it smoother.
  • Dandruff helps get rid of dandruff by massaging the scalp with a little argan oil in gentle circular motions 3 times per week.
  • It adds shine to the hair, giving the hair a vibrant and healthy look.
  •  Help get rid of brittleness.
  • Contributes to dry hair treatment.
  • Contributes to moisturizing the scalp and hair.

Benefits of argan for the skin.

  • Contributes to smoothing body skin and smoothing legs.
  •  It moisturizes the skin of the face, giving it freshness.
  •  It glows skin when mixed with foundation.



  • helps delay early signs of aging on the face and get rid of small wrinkles.
  •  Helps cure acne. It works to treat scarring and reduces the possibility of infection.
  •  used as a natural alternative to shaving cream.
  •  It cleans and moisturizes the skin by massaging it with argan oil for a few seconds and then washing the face well with lukewarm water.
  •  Smoothing and moisturizing elbows, knees and heels. It works to exfoliate the skin and lips by mixing it with vanilla and brown sugar and gently massaging the skin through circular motions, and then washing the skin with water to get smooth skin.

Argan oil benefits in general.

It reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease as it lowers blood pressure and works to control cholesterol. It can prevent cancer, such as prostate cancer. One study showed that argan oil components slow the


growth of prostate cancer cells because they contain antioxidants. Reduces the risk of developing diabetes. It is useful for nails, when mixed with lemon juice. Contributes to treating symptoms of psoriasis, such as dryness and wrinkling of the skin, as it contains vitamin H.

Find out the price of Argan oil.

Prices range from one hundred Moroccan dirhams for one hundred milliliters bottle, two hundred and fifty milligrams bottles to 250 Moroccan dirhams.

Advice when buying Argan oil.


If you are in the city of Agadir or Essaouira, buy argan oil from anywhere because they are the cities of the original oil and are famous for it. As for if you are in any other city, purchase the oil from the official association only.

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